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    Adams Cable Equipment (ACE) is recognized as an innovator and solution provider to its customers. Since 1998, ACE has become a global leader in the telecommunications industry specializing in Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), Outside Plant Material (OSP), ITAD services, and the End-of-Life-Management of used electronics.

    As a woman-owned business, ACE operates a 140,600-square-foot facility and takes pride in revolutionizing the life cycle solutions of electronics, emphasizing reuse over disposal to create a cleaner and greener society. We have experience working with clients in all market segments, from small businesses to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Our certified processes create secure and transparent solutions, ultimately leading to greater returns, confidence, and peace of mind. Learn more about Lenexa, Kansas-based Adams Cable Equipment.


    Adams Cable Equipment has pioneered and been a leader in the telecommunications industry by refurbishing and reselling cable modems and digital set-tops. Along the way, we have branched out into selling laptops, desktops, servers, HDDs, memory, monitors and headend equipment, all backed by our ISO 9001 certification for Quality and 2-year product warranty. Through refurbishing and reselling, ACE has prevented over 3 trillion kilograms of Carbon Emissions from polluting the planet. Visit our CPE page to learn more.


    ACE tailors a streamlined, cost-effective ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) solution that guarantees secure IT asset removal while maximizing reuse on retired equipment. In addition, our certified processes eliminate risk by ensuring secure data destruction, environmental stewardship, and legislative compliance. Learn more about ITAD.


    All end-of-life material is processed utilizing our state-of-the-art shredding system. Product is shredded into two-inch pieces and, using advanced technology, sorted into plastic, steel, aluminum, circuit board, etc. These commodities are then sent directly to North American smelters for final recovery. This, combined with our no-landfill policy, ultimately helps reduce our clients’ carbon footprint.

    Outside Plant Material (OSP)

    Adams Cable is an authorized stocking distributor of fiber optic cable and network build material. We partner with some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry including Corning, GAON, Lexington Ames, OFS, Wavenet, WaveOptics, J&H, and Bulldog Pipe. Our clients lean on ACE’s familiarity with the industry and years of expertise when sourcing materials. Learn more about fiber cables.


    At ACE, we obsess over data security, sustainability, and legal compliance. Unsecured data and irresponsible reuse and recycling are major vulnerabilities to a business and its brand. We are proud to say we have committed to excellence in reducing risk by having all our processes backed by our quartet of certifications:


    • Adams Cable Equipment Certification
    • Adams Cable Equipment Certification
    • ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
    • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
    • ISO 45001 – Health and Safety Management System
    • R2 CERTIFICATION - The leading electronic data destruction, reuse, and recycling standard in the industry today