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  • Looking for a New Sustainability Objective?

    Looking for a New Sustainability Objective?

    Is your organization looking for a way to meet your 2021 sustainability objectives? After years of coming up with programs such as recyclable trash cans in the lunchroom, recyclable paper bins in the front office, or upgrading light fixtures to LED lighting to reduce power consumption, many companies are on the search for their next sustainability initiative.

    Imagine incorporating a plan in 2021 that would lead to protecting workers’ health both domestically and abroad, reducing your organizations’ carbon footprint, and showing a commitment to environmental stewardship. Imagine being able to look at your shareholders and tell them because of this new initiative, you are also reducing significant risk from a legal compliance and branding perspective for the organization. What one initiative can make such an impact you ask? Simple. Verifiable responsible recycling of your old electronic equipment.

    Did you know that the earth’s annual e-waste could grow to 75 million metric tons by 2030? That is a pretty large pile of discarded electronics!! Unfortunately, this amount of e-scrap can also have a significant negative impact on the environment and human health and safety. An example of this can be found in Guiyu, China, commonly known as the world’s largest e-waste dumping site. Here, the blood lead levels in children are significantly higher than the children in neighboring communities. Why you ask? The answer lies in the primitive e-waste recycling activities found in many developing countries. These primitive practices destroy the environment and, in turn, harms human health. Unfortunately, most companies in the United States today do not understand what impact their discarded electronics can have on the world today.

    Creating a sustainability plan would require your organization to document your old electronics’ process flow. This plan would include having documented evidence of where products are refurbished for reuse or destroyed for commodity recovery. Whether you are a manufacturer, a cable provider, or a fortune 500 company, using a R2 certified vendor such as Adams Cable Equipment will allow you to follow the complete process flow of your old electronics all the way to the end. In addition, here at Adams Cable, we are even able to provide a sustainability report to show the impact of your organization’s electronic recycling activities carbon footprint.

    Have 2021 be the year your organization decides to take control and truly understand the impact their discarded electronics can have on the world.


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