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  • Use an Authorized Arris Refurbisher

    Save Yourself the Headache: Use an Authorized Arris Refurbisher

    Imagine, a consumer sitting at home, trying to do their work online, when suddenly, they have no access to the internet. They try all the of tricks they have learned over the years by unplugging their router and modem, restarting their computer, and even waiting 30 minutes to see if the problem fixes itself. But to no avail, they still do not have internet service and they have a zoom meeting with their boss in
    one hour!!

    Now imagine this happening to thousands of consumers, on the same day. Can you imagine the chaos it would create for the cable provider? The number of incoming calls to customer service and technical support would be staggering! And worse yet, the number of lost customers a system could potentially see would be devastating to the bottom line.

    The reality is that come May 2021, this is exactly how things could play out if Cable Systems are using Arris and Motorola legacy product from a non-authorized refurbisher or distributor. You see, legacy Arris and Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 modems will begin going out-of-service in May 2021 unless action is taken to load renewed CableLabs issued DOCSIS Manufacturers CA certificates prior to that date. Without this action, modems with expired certificates simply will not be able to come online and will become effectively nonoperational.

    Using an authorized Refurbisher of Arris and Motorola product, such as Adams Cable Equipment, allows the refurbisher to legally download the updated firmware and renewed Manufacturers CA certificates to the DOCSIS 3.0 modems to keep them fully functional. Firmware updates of renewed DOCSIS is subject to licensing and there lies the risk of using a non-authorized refurbisher.

    A non-authorized refurbisher is simply not licensed to upgrade the firmware.

    Now more than ever, purchasing product, or having clean and screen services performed, needs to be from an authorized Arris / Motorola refurbisher. The consequences of the alternative are real…do not let it happen to you this May.


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