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  • The Impacts of Electronics on the Circular Economy

    The Impacts of Electronics on the Circular Economy

    In the past few years, the move towards a more circular economy has gained traction. As the world’s population continues to grow and deplete the earth’s limited resources, it has become increasingly important to replace the Take/Make/Dispose practices of the past century with more sustainable alternatives.

    A circular economy focuses on resource management vs. waste management. It requires the extraction of maximum value and use from all products and materials. This maximization helps bridge the digital divide by providing people with access to affordable used electronics in developing regions of the world. Not only that, but it also improves the environment by keeping potentially harmful materials out of the waste stream.

    In the circular economy, reuse takes center stage because it has the most environmental and economic benefits. Almost 75% of the total energy used during a laptop’s lifecycle (3 years) is used during its manufacturing. Think about that for a moment. 75% of the total energy used during its entire life span occurs before the laptop is even turned on! Extending the life of a laptop to 7 years reduces environmental impacts by more than 40%. So simply extending the life of electronics, head-end equipment, or IT hardware through responsible reuse significantly reduces a products’ environmental footprint. Simply stated, Reuse is the BEST form of Recycling.

    That is why here at Adams Cable Equipment (ACE), we invested so heavily in our state-of-the-art refurbishment lab and our quartet of certifications. At ACE, 90% of all material we receive into our building is tested, refurbished, and repaired for reuse. If your company is looking to participate in the circular economy, give us a call. Your best deal begins with ACE.


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