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  • Appliances, Cars, and Smartphones, Oh My!

    Appliances, Cars, and Smartphones, Oh My!

    When major appliances, such as a refrigerator or a washing machine, fail, our first instinct is to call someone to repair it. However, when our smartphone malfunctions or gives us fits, our instinct is to throw it away and replace it. This is NOT the most economical or environmentally friendly choice a consumer can make, but unfortunately, we as consumers have been restricted by the manufacturers to repair our electronic devices. We do not have access to parts, instructions, or the tools to make repairs ourselves. Even worse, manufacturers restrict small business repair shops in the same way!

    Give-Me-A-Break (no pun intended).

    Fortunately, that is all about to change for the better! Recently, a Right-To-Repair executive order was signed by President Biden to require manufacturers to provide the parts, tools, and instructions that are needed to repair electronics. Currently, manufacturers only deliver these materials to their authorized repair partners.

    Why does this matter, you ask? Because studies have shown, the average family would save around $400 per year to repair products versus replace them. It also keeps products that still have reusable life from entering our landfills.

    At ACE, we have been a champion of reuse since day one and refurbish millions of devices for reuse each year. We applaud this executive order.


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