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  • Tips for Creating a Positive Company Culture

    Tips for Creating a Positive Company Culture

    Do you want to know the secret to creating a great customer experience involving your customers and keeping them happy?
    Happy employees!!

    Before companies embark on making their customers more satisfied, they need to look inward and see what they can do internally to make the people within their organization happier. That all starts by establishing and maintaining positive company culture.

    Happy employees who are fulfilled by their work and are surrounded by a positive attitude tend to be more innovative and productive, which creates a better work environment for all! When it comes to customer experience, the same sort of mentality applies. Happy people foster other happy people. Employees that are thriving, satisfied, and being treated well by their employers are more likely to extend that goodwill and positivity to the customers they interact with or take the feelings and concerns of their customer base more to heart. This all leads to an ELITE customer experience.

    Here at Adams Cable Equipment, our ownership team of Mike and Christy Adams work hard to create a positive atmosphere every day! We just had our annual company picnic that focused on our employee’s families and children. It is absolutely the highlight of the year, and a highlight video of the function can be seen in this LinkedIn post.

    Smiling faces and a real good time was had by all.

    Some other suggestions that we have implemented to help create a positive experience for all include:

    • Celebrating employee birthdays/work anniversaries with a small gift
    • Monthly lunches or breakfasts
    • Employee recognition
    • Fun outings with the team (bowling, top golf, happy hour, etc.)
    • Keeping our facility CLEAN and SAFE (who wants to come to a dirty workplace?)
    • TVs in the breakrooms
    • Playing music during the day, as studies have shown it improves memory and can reduce stress and anxiety
    • Live office plants. They help clean the air and bring life to the office other than people
    • End of the year Holiday Party
    • Giving employees an opportunity to advance and grow within the organization

    Remember, a great customer experience starts by giving your employees a fantastic work experience! Give it a try; you will be glad you did!


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