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  • An Innovation Worth Celebrating!

    An Innovation Worth Celebrating!

    A lot was made yesterday of the announcement that Apple will start selling genuine parts and the tools necessary to repair some of their products directly to consumers. Apple did NOT show leadership here. Their announcement yesterday was primarily driven by President Biden’s Right to Repair executive order earlier this year and a huge public outcry from consumers. For years Apple kicked and screamed that only authorized repair shops were allowed access to genuine Apple parts and the tools necessary to repair their devices. Apple’s backwards thinking ultimately hurt consumers and independent repair shops.

    In a year where Right to Repair has made significant progress, it is refreshing to see a manufacturer innovate and lead versus follow and whine. Unlike Apple, a huge shout-out to Framework’s new laptop, which was designed to be completely repairable and easily upgraded by the consumer. Last week, Framework was honored on Time Magazine’s list of The Best Inventions Of 2021. Framework’s laptop is designed to allow consumers to repair and upgrade their laptops from the comfort of their own homes.

    Everyone wants to talk about the circular economy and how to reduce our carbon footprint. Framework took the talk and turned it into action by innovating a product that will help extend the life of a laptop. Studies have shown that if we can increase a laptop’s life expectancy from 5 to 7 years, we would reduce the carbon footprint by 40%. This is the type of leadership that genuinely impacts not only consumers but also our planet.

    Click here to read the full article from Time magazine


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