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  • The Improper Disposal of Electronics Can Be Costly!

    Improperly Managing Old IT Assets Can Be a Costly Mistake!

    Another week … another hefty corporate fine for the improper disposal of electronics. It is simply not worth the RISK to use a non-certified facility to handle your decommissioned IT hardware. The risk of a seven-figure regulatory fine is too high, not to mention the liability risk of a data breach if data devices were mismanaged. In the last few years alone, the offices of Attorney General Rob Bonta and Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley have prosecuted FOUR large telecommunication companies for similar violations related to the illegal disposal of large volumes of electronics from their cable and satellite video services. It takes companies years to build their brand and reputation, do not allow yours to be tainted by trying to save a couple of bucks using a non-qualified (AKA non-certified) facility to manage your old IT assets.

    Need help? We are here to assist. We are proud to say that Adams Cable Equipment has a quartet of leading industry certifications and our VP of Compliance, Bob McCarthy, is a member of the R2 Technical Advisory Committee. Contact us today for more information!

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