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  • Increased Demand for Fiber Optic Cable has Created a Global Shortage

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    Fiber optic cable

    There is a global shortage/crisis of Fiber Optic Cable. Prices have increased, and unreliable lead times have endangered plans to implement state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure, especially in rural communities.

    With streaming TV, online gaming, work-at-home Zoom meetings, 8K televisions, and the ever-increasing technology-driven home, consumers are demanding faster internet to accommodate all their technology needs. Unfortunately, much of the country, and the world, is not wired to accommodate the speeds required to support today’s digital age.

    In the United States, government funding significantly increased during the pandemic. A large amount of this funding was geared toward increasing Internet and data services speeds, especially in those areas with limited access. Our government has set ambitious targets for the rollout of superfast broadband and 5G, which require vast quantities of fiber-optic cable. In addition, companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Meta are expanding their data centers and laying vast amounts of fiber networks under the ocean.

    Not only has this demand created a supply chain issue, but there is also a global shortage of helium, a crucial component in manufacturing fiber-optic glass. Due to plant outages in Russia and the US, this shortage has caused helium prices to increase by triple digits over the past two years. Meanwhile, the cost of silicon tetrachloride, another critical component in fiber production, has also seen significant price increases.

    Now for the good news! Adams Cable Equipment (ACE) has worked hard to have our clients back so that they can meet their project needs. ACE has over 300 million feet of fiber coming in over the next 15 months. Fiber counts range from 2 to 1728, along with securing fiber we also have 52 million feet of conduit arriving over the next 15 months as well. Give us a call at 913-888-5100; you will be glad you did!

    Fiber Optic Cable


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