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  • What is Overshoot Day?

    Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity has used all the biological resources that Earth regenerates during the entire year. Learn more at overshootday.org.

    Give your budget and our planet a break. Buy refurbished customer premises equipment (CPE) from a certified supplier, and you will make a difference! How you ask? Well, during a time of record inflation, everyone’s budget is being pushed to the limit. Fortunately, Adams Cable Equipment has a 24-year track record of providing our customers with thoroughly tested and adequately licensed used CPE gear, which has saved our clients millions of dollars. The best part is our clients’ savings go straight to their bottom line!

    Not only does buying a refurbished product make a positive impact on a client’s pocketbook, but it can also make a significant impact on their carbon footprint they leave behind. When thinking about carbon footprints, people often think of how to recycle old electronic equipment in the best possible way. While that is important, thinking about your carbon footprint on the acquisition side is equally as important.

    A product such as a cable set-top box contains many parts made from valuable resources, and it takes a lot of energy and resources to produce them. If we can extend the life of a set-top box by two years instead of simply recycling it, we can lower the product’s carbon footprint by 40%. It is that easy; buy refurbished, and you will save money and help reduce your organization’s carbon footprint!

    Adams Cable Equipment has hundreds of thoroughly tested CPE SKUs (set-top boxes, modems, hard drives, remotes, etc.) ready to sell today. Our tested CPE comes with our industry-leading two-year warranty and is backed by our ISO 9001 and R2 certifications. Save money, reduce your company’s carbon footprint, and help save our precious resources. You will be glad you did!


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