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  • Helpful Hints to Minimize ITAD Risks

    Helpful Hints to Minimize ITAD Risks:

    1. Work with certified data destruction vendors. A single data breach resulting from an ineffective ITAD process can cost an organization millions of dollars in fines, bad publicity, and legal fees.

    2. What certification should you look for? Well, the new R2v3 standard has a robust Data Sanitization section, Appendix B. Finding a vendor certified who is not only certified to R2v3 but also to Appendix B provides you peace of mind that the vendor has an enhanced level of physical sanitization with additional security protocols, device traceability, record keeping, and quality controls.

    3. Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest. Companies have enough on their plates without having to commit resources to ITAD. By outsourcing ITAD to a trusted vendor, companies can focus on their core competencies while ensuring that their IT assets are disposed of securely and responsibly.

    4. The reputational damage that comes with a data breach or environmental fines resulting from mishandling disposed IT assets can be even more costly than the fines themselves. Performing proper due diligence on your ITAD vendor and understanding the processes they have in place to protect your organization is critical to protect your brand.

    Here at Adams Cable Equipment, we are proud to say we take the risks associated with ITAD very seriously. We are experts in protecting our client’s brand and reputations. Our quartet of certifications includes the new R2v3 standard Appendix B for Data Sanitization designed to give our clients the peace-of-mind they deserve.


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