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  • The Hidden Data Security Risk of Disposed Electronics

    The Hidden Data Security Risk of Disposed Electronics

    In our digital age, the way we handle and dispose of our electronic devices is more significant than ever. As technology continuously advances, there’s an ever-growing pile of discarded electronics—ranging from smartphones and laptops to smartwatches and tablets. While most people are focused on the environmental repercussions of electronic waste, more and more consumers are more concerned with the critical issue beneath the surface: data security risks.

    In a recent study, 95% of patients were worried about medical record breaches. While a vast majority of data breaches occur from cyber-attacks, too many breaches remain due to lax standards for disposing of old electronic devices. Companies spend millions and millions of dollars protecting their networks from cyber security attacks. However, when it comes to the disposal of their electronics, they are often lazy and cheap, putting their old equipment out for bid and awarding it to the highest bidder – no qualifications needed.

    What’s at stake?

    It’s easy to assume that once an electronic device is discarded or even reset, our data is gone for good. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth. The data remains, often recoverable, posing potential threats, including:

    • Identity Theft: personal details, financial data, and other sensitive information can be extracted and used maliciously
    • Corporate Espionage: old company devices may have stored sensitive business information, trade secrets, or client data
    • Breach of Privacy: health records, photos, messages, emails, and other personal information can be accessed and misused

    To prevent this from happening to your organization and provide your client base with peace of mind, make sure you choose a reputable recycler. Ensure you’re disposing of your electronics with certified e-waste recycling facilities that follow proper data destruction protocols, ensure they provide a serialization report of data containing devices and a corresponding certificate of destruction/sanitization.

    In conclusion, while our discarded electronics might seem like harmless junk, they carry a significant data security risk. Proper awareness and action are vital to prevent our past devices from coming back to haunt our present. Here at Adams Cable, we are proud of our quartet of certifications, including R2v3’s Appendix B for Data Destruction.


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