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    ACE Continues to Raise the Bar With Industry-Leading Carbon Reduction Efforts

    Why Adams Cable Equipment (ACE)? Every now and then, a company will produce a service or product that is amazing and pushes an industry to a new level. Today I can say I work for one of those companies. I have been fortunate to see many changes in the lifecycle management of electronics over the years, and I am proud to say, as an employee, Adams Cable Equipment has just raised the bar way beyond anything I have ever seen before.

    For the last 22+ years, Adams Cable Equipment has pioneered and led the industry by refurbishing and reselling legacy cable modems, set-top boxes, and other electronic equipment. We have positively impacted the environment by responsibly testing and selling legacy electronics, ultimately reducing our client’s carbon footprint. This carbon reduction enriches people’s lives, the global economy, and our planet.

    But the fundamental game changes have occurred with our new investments. We recently announced that ACE purchased a state-of-the-art Optical Sorter that creates commodity-level components that can be sent directly to smelters right here in North America. In addition, we have invested in a new headend for testing digital set-tops for responsible resale. Our drive and continuous investment in technology to maximize reuse while keeping all end-of-life electronics in North America separates Adams Cable Equipment from our competition. This Earth Day, I could not be prouder to say I work for an employer who not only speaks a good game on protecting our planet but puts the investment behind it to make it happen! Contact us if you would like to see how Adams Cable Equipment can help your company manage legacy electronics of any kind!

    – Bob McCarthy


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